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Career Services at JSU

We sat down with Jimmeka Leverette, Career Advisor with Career Services, to discuss the services that they offer both current students and alumni.

Valentine's Day Bonus Episode

Just a little bonus episode we put together for those of you who love Valentine’s and those of you who loathe it.

Study Abroad/Away at JSU

Traveling as a student is such a wonderful opportunity and some of you may not be aware that JSU actually offers several such opportunities. In fact, we have several coming up this year that really will be trips of a lifetime. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk with Dr. Staci Stone, Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, who has led several study abroad courses, including one this past winter break that sounds absolutely fascinating. We’re also going to speak with Mica Mecham, who led a study away course in Yellowstone National Park this past spring and will be leading a study abroad course in England this summer that will focus on . . . get ready for the squees . . . Harry Potter.

How to Survive Finals Week

In this episode of Common Grounds, Kim Westbrooks of the Houston Cole Library drops by to explain Gaming Day, which will take place from 10 am - 10 pm Dec. 3, as well as other ways the library helps students and faculty de-stress or just find a quiet place to get some work done during finals. Also, we interview SGA President Ulises Herrera about his presidency, his tips for how to survive finals week and make the upcoming Spring term a success, and how students can get involved in the SGA.

Staying Mentally Healthy

In this episode of Common Grounds, we talk with Takeisha Goggins and Lola Johnston of the university’s Counseling Services about the mental health stressors that are often triggered during finals and the upcoming holiday season and the services that their office offers students, faculty, and staff to help them cope and stay resilient. We also invite you to take a short mindfulness break as Jessica Mayberry of Back in Balance Yoga leads us through a short meditation to relieve any built-up tension we may be holding.

Serving Our Veteran Students

In this episode of Common Grounds, we talk with Justin Parker, Director of Veteran Services, about the special needs of our veteran students and how the university works to support them.

Haunted Jacksonville

In this episode of Common Grounds, we explore some of the haunted locations around Jacksonville and speak with Dr. Paul Beezley of the History Department about death and burial practices through the years and how they influence beliefs in and a fascination for ghosts.

Faculty Commons: What It Is & What It Can Do For You

In this episode of Common Grounds, we talk with Jennifer Foster, Director of the Rebecca O. Turner Faculty Commons, to find out what exactly the Commons is, what services it offers, and how it benefits faculty and students alike here at JSU. If you are a new listener to Common Grounds, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our website and let us know what you think about this and previous episodes!

What Freshman Want Faculty to Know

In this episode of Common Grounds, we reveal the results of a survey sent out to all incoming freshman about what they want faculty at JSU to know about them and their goals for the upcoming year and their time here.


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