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Career Services at JSU

We sat down with Jimmeka Leverette, Career Advisor with Career Services, to discuss the services that they offer both current students and alumni.

Valentine's Day Bonus Episode

Just a little bonus episode we put together for those of you who love Valentine’s and those of you who loathe it.

Study Abroad/Away at JSU

Traveling as a student is such a wonderful opportunity and some of you may not be aware that JSU actually offers several such opportunities. In fact, we have several coming up this year that really will be trips of a lifetime. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk with Dr. Staci Stone, Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, who has led several study abroad courses, including one this past winter break that sounds absolutely fascinating. We’re also going to speak with Mica Mecham, who led a study away course in Yellowstone National Park this past spring and will be leading a study abroad course in England this summer that will focus on . . . get ready for the squees . . . Harry Potter.