Staying Mentally Healthy

In this episode of Common Grounds, we talk with Takeisha Goggins and Lola Johnston of the university’s Counseling Services about the mental health stressors that are often triggered during finals and the upcoming holiday season and the services that their office offers students, faculty, and staff to help them cope and stay resilient. We also invite you to take a short mindfulness break as Jessica Mayberry of Back in Balance Yoga leads us through a short meditation to relieve any built-up tension we may be holding.

In this episode, we discuss:
  • The services offered by JSU’s Counseling Services
  • How to practice self-care this holiday season
  • The warning signs of depression and anxiety and what to do if you notice your students or colleagues exhibiting these signs
  • The Creative Arts Therapy Sessions offered by Counseling Services
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This week’s question is:
What will you do to take care of yourself this holiday season? Please share your feedback/ideas with us via our social media accounts. 

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A very special thank you to Dr. Andy Nevala of the JSU David L. Walters Department of Music for contributing our theme music, “Stars Fell of Alabama” by Frank Perkins and Mitchell Parish. 

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